Gaetano Besana:  (+39) 335.284174

Davide Lovatti:  (+39) 335.8063545

Gaetano Besana, Italian photographer born in Milan in 1952, has been one of the leading exponents in fashion photography in Europe for the last 30 years ( His career began in the 70's with still life pictures, after which he approached the fashion industry in search of sensual images portraying a feminine sense of beauty. Recently he turned into interior pictures with the influence of the Italian culture in art and history, knowing by experience how to capture its light and soul.

Davide Lovatti, artist and photographer, born in Milan in 1972 started very young as assistant for many photographers mainly in the fashion world. He opened his own studio a few years ago where, beside continuing his fashion photography, started interior pictures. More and more fashion and interior decoration houses employ his works for their show rooms and shops.
These works are a result of his personal dedication and constant research.


GAETANO BESANA:  sede della SocietÓ : Via G. Besana 2 23896 SIRTORI (LC)
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